Understanding Insurance

To many homeowners, the thought of filing a claim with their insurance causes tremendous stress.  At Advocate, we work with you to negate the stress. We manage the insurance process with you from start to finish.  One of our greatest strengths is our ability to work with nearly every insurance company.  Each has a different approach, but when the end goal is ensuring our homeowner has a successful project, Advocate pours on our professional energy and gets to work for you.

When we reach out to your insurance, we explain each step your insurance company requires.  You will always be in the loop. We ask to be at any meeting the insurance company needs to schedule.   This ensures that all parties are on the same page.  Sometimes an insurance company may need to be made aware of a local code requirement; we ensure these are covered to have a complete and accurate scope of work.

Advocate Roofing also has a proprietary Customer Portal.  In the portal, you can see our progress with your project, the paperwork the insurance company has provided, and the status of any documents we are waiting on.

Our goal is to remove the worry from insurance and provide you with a stress-free, peace-of-mind experience.