Safety Program

At Advocate, safety is our number one priority.  When you look at our Mission, Vision, and Values, it’s our first value.  We put safety above all else at Advocate because it protects our employees, partners, and customers.  

Safety is a consideration in every part of our business.  Our field members are a highly valued part of our teams.  That’s why we have a full-time Safety Director who ensures we follow rigorous safety standards to avoid workplace accidents.  This commitment to safety is also how we have completed thousands of projects without an OSHA incident.

Our industry-leading Safety Program ensures that the highest safety standards for all teams on the project site will be followed.

Our Safety Program includes the following:
  • Full-time Safety Director
  • Daily morning safety meetings
  • Regular safety training classes
  • Safety manuals specific to each trade
  • Safety planning with other on-site teams

When you work with Advocate, you have the peace of mind knowing that your project will be completed to the highest standard with the industry’s most substantial safety program.