Leo Montiel- Performer of the Week

Leo Montiel started with Advocate Construction a little over a year ago. He has exceed sales goals, developed a winning strategy, and has helped many homeowners effected by storm damage with full roof, siding and gutter replacements. He has definitely earned his title as a top performer and our Performer of the Week. I sat down with Leo this week and asked him a few questions about his position here at Advocate Construction.

How did you find out about the open position at Advocate Construction?

“Through a friend who worked here. He told him there was a position available and shared his amazing experience of working for Advocate Construction.“

What was your first day like?

“Exciting but a bit scary. I am a people person, but to specifically try to pitch to someone can be intimidating, even if you have prior sales experience in the past.”

Leo also said he became comfortable with knocking on doors through pushing past the initial fear and repetition.

What makes this job different than any other position you have had in the past?

“The money that is possible to make here, there is no limitations to as much you want to make. With other jobs even if you are putting a 100% you might not make what you could here. The flexible scheduling has also been different then on other position I have worked in the past. If you have a decent hour here and I am able to put in three claims in that hour, you could even just call it a day or keep going with that great momentum!”

Would you recommend this job to a friend?

“Absolutely, it’s a job that requires a lot of hard work in the beginning but is worth it. It also has allowed me an opportunity to help homeowners, and helping people always makes me feel good.”

What advice would you give a new hire just starting out at Advocate?

“Give it all you got, give yourself some time here to give it a real chance. If you follow direction from your manager you can go very far here.”

Do you feel supported by your managers and office staff? If so, would you say that has helped you succeed?

“Yes. I feel supported here, and it definitely helps my productivity. The manager’s at Advocate Construction are incentivized to grow successful Claims Advocates to in turn be successful themselves. The team here is caring and invested in all their employees.”

What is your formula to success?

“Knowing that when you approach a person’s door you have to give it 100% in forty seconds. Forty seconds is the amount of time to really help captivate a potential customer and explain to the homeowner how the exterior of their home may not be keeping the interior safe.”

To help a homeowner have their roof, siding, or gutters replaced at no cost to them and not be intimidated by their insurance carriers keeps Leo motivated to continue.

Does this job allow enough quality time for you to spend with your family?

“If you manage your time well here, yes! Not only is there flexible scheduling with my position but the company is understanding of time requested off.”

After we discussed the professional side of Leo, I was interested in getting to know more about him. So here is a little bit about Leo on a personal level:

When getting ready to go out in the field and help customers, is there a certain song you listen to, to get pumped up?

“I listen to Cumbia-Sonidera, which is a type of Spanish music. It helps get my mind in the right space to help homeowners and puts me a good mood.”

What is your favorite movie of all time?

“Blair Witch Project, seeing that movie for the first time was terrifying!”

What was the first job you ever had?

“Bagel shop in Brooklyn, NY at a Train Station plaza. They made fresh bagels every day, unfortunately there is nothing like them in the Chicago land area!”

Leo exemplifies all the characteristics of top performer and could not say enough about how much his position with Advocate Construction has been one of the best jobs he has had. If you have ever thought about a change in career or are currently looking for employment, we are hiring and looking for great candidates! Click this link to find out more about Advocate Construction and the life changing careers we offer: www.glassdoor.com