The Morning Huddle- Why it is so essential to our success

Every morning our Advocate Construction Management team and Claims Advocate team members meet to take the time to strategize, set goals and discuss obstacles they have encountered out in the field. The time spent in the morning as a team, helps improve the overall morale and culture at Advocate Construction. By engaging with our people, setting and recognizing goals, and facilitating a comfortable work environment, we help nurture great Claims Advocates that can provide maximum service to the most important person—the Homeowner.

These meetings provide our Claims Advocate team members the necessary time to build trust and loyalty with their Management team. It also provides our Management team the opportunity to assist our Claim Advocates with the overall goal: to make every roof, siding and gutter replacement an easy, hassle-free, outstanding home improvement project for each one of our clients. Here are some testimonials of our work here:

Some the effective ways we team build and train our Claims Advocates during our Morning Huddle are:

Clear Communication:

It is vastly important to any homeowner and our team to be precise and impeccable with our word. Clear communication between our company’s representatives and the homeowner is “top of the list” in team meetings.

Problem Solving:

It is imperative our team is quick to confront any issue and solve it as soon as possible. We spend time discussing, brainstorming and performing “drills” on any issue we may encounter in the field. Ever have a completed home improvement project have an issue and when you go to call the company who provided the service, they are nowhere to be found? Not Advocate Construction! We are trained and ready to assist if any issues may occur.

Goal Setting:

How do you measure success? By setting goals and working every day towards them! We find that our morning huddles help each of our Claim Advocates stay accountable to their goals and allows time for each one of us to see our progress, individually and collectively.

Establishing Core Values:

At Advocate Construction we have strong, core values we expect every one of our team members to follow:

  • Individual responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Respect for our team mates and customers alike
  • Quality in our products, services and interactions each and every day
  • The overall happiness of our valued customers

Morning Huddles have been an effective way to continually grow our business, our employees and our day to day success at Advocate Construction. To find out more about Advocate Construction and how we operate click here.