Advocate Green Initiatives

Recycling Roofing Company

When helping with a remodel or repair, Advocate donates used shingles to be converted into asphalt and new roads.

Shingles can improve the properties of hot mix pavement due to their high asphalt content and high-quality fibers that create natural moisture resistance. For each house or building project, recycling shingles keeps an average of 3 tons of roofing material out of local landfills and helps pave roughly 50 feet of road.

Advocate shows its commitment to the community by equipping workers with ‘green’ products and processes. You can rest easy knowing that materials used on your home Green Roofer in Columbus repair or remodel projects are safe and environmentally-friendly. Advocate focuses on material optimization and recycling to help conserve natural resources and improve the environment.


Advocate is a GAF Certified Green Roofer, using environmentally-friendly materials to reduce their carbon footprint and save clients’ money in the long term.

  • Advanced Protection® Shingles help to eliminate the unnecessary waste of natural resources, because they use less asphalt and limestone, and reduce transportation waste, because they are weight-optimized to minimize fuel use.
  • GAF Cool roofing, insulation and ventilation helps reduce the energy usage of structures over their lifetime.