Tom McGuire- Performer of the Week

Tom McGuire has exemplified true dedication and care for his position at Advocate Construction.It shows with every single Homeowner he works with and for. Since the Middle of January 2015, Tom has helped nearly 200 Homeowner’s have their roof, siding and gutters replaced with little to no cost to them. As an Assistant Manager at Advocate Construction he has proven to be an asset and an MVP on our team.

How did you find out about the open position at Advocate Construction?

“On an employment search site, I was searching for a sales position because I was unhappy with the current position I was in. After finding Advocate on the search site, I did a google search on Advocate Construction and I really liked what I saw! I was really intrigued to discuss the available sales position.”

What was your first day like?

“It was interesting it drew me out of my comfort zone immediately. It was during mid-January, so it was freezing. Knocking on doors and being greeted by strangers is a lot different than an hour long sales presentations I was used to with my previous job.”

“Any other job that I have had I felt like I could be doing the job of my superior or I felt as though the people in charge did not have the experience of the position they were asking me to do. Here, that’s different, everyone including the President of Advocate Construction has experience and advice on the position they are asking you to perform”

Tom also mentioned he enjoyed the small feel of our group, that there is many people adding to the growth of our company but we keep it fun and very open here. That there is no “Micro-Management”, everyone is working individually for the betterment of our business.

Would you recommend this job to a friend?

“I would! With the asterisk that this job requires your thoroughness and attention. It is worth your time if you make it worth your time, the other great part of this position is you can see your hard work pay off, it is absolutely what you make of ”

What advice would you give a new hire just starting out at Advocate?

“Give this position a chance, it is challenging in the beginning but let it grow on you. It is worth it!”

Do you feel supported by your managers and office staff?

“I do, because we are such a close knit group. I feel like everyone is very approachable. Including the President and Co-President of our company.

What is your formula to success?

“Ask questions! Utilize the experience of others that have come before you.”

Can you see yourself with this company for years to come?

“There is a lot of opportunity to gain experience and grow here. And a ton of opportunities on the horizon here with this company to move up, I absolutely see myself sticking with this company”

What are your passions outside of work?

“Big into fishing, I am an outdoorsy type of guy”

Where is your home town?

“Manhattan, Illinois. A small farm town but with a lot of heart”

What was the first job you ever had?

“Naturally, growing up on a hay farm, I bailed hay at 12 years old and made above minimum wage, which was funny because my next job at 15 paid me less!”

Tom sincerely enjoys his position with Advocate Construction and believes it to be exceptionally rewarding to help homeowners. We are beyond thrilled to have him on our team.If you have ever thought about a change in career or are currently looking for employment, we are hiring and looking for great candidates just like Tom McGuire!

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